From Innocence To Innocence

When the heart enters into the mind

The mind has quite a different quality

It’s really than limitless

It’s a sense of living in a vast space

You are part of everything

It isn’t the love of the one or many

It’s like water that anyone can drinks out of any jar

Made of gold or clay

Its inexhaustible

Its as though the mind entered into itself

Beginning at the center and penetrating ever more deeply

Until depth and height have lost their meaning and every form of measurement ceases

In that place there is complete peace

Not contentment which has come about through gratification

But a peace that has order beauty and intensity

It cannot be destroyed as you can destroy a flower

And yet because of it’s vulnerability it’s indestructible

You must begin without knowing anything about it

And move from innocence to innocence

 Jiddu Krishnamurti 



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