Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

According to modern psychology  if you practice gratitude you will

  • Feel better immediately
  • Improve your inter-personal relationships
  • Increase your prosperity and abundance
  • Enjoy peace and equanimity
  • Find creative forces within you
  • Manifest your dreams and goals
  • Make a meaningful difference in the lives of others

Personally, all I know is that practicing gratitude makes me feel good. Ever since I’ve been  practicing gratitude intensively I fell in love with life. On some levels , I feel as if I’m back at the last few months of my two years meditation retreat. As if the universe once again revels itself to me in ways beyond words and impressions.

I know each and everyone of you can feel the same. But if you want to reveal in your own life, if you want to feel the change,  you will have to do the work. You will have to practice gratitude intentionally, consistently and for a meaningful period of time. You might need to invest some effort initially, training the mind to look for beauty and gratitude. However, once you experience the benefits of practicing gratitude it will become an effortless practice. You will naturally become grateful.

Join me for the 30 days challenge

Come fly with me.


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