Partial List Of Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Our parents –for their endless love, care and sacrifice
  2. Our partners
  3. Our children
  4. Our brothers and sisters
  5. Our grandparents for their unconditional love and care
  6. GOD/ The Universe
  7. Biblical spiritual leaders
  8. Former partners
  9. Close intimate friends
  10. Our extended family
  11. Work colleagues
  12. Our scary boss for showing us our weak spots
  13. Significant adults in our early life – nannies, babysitters, kindergarten teachers, music/ dance/ drama teacher
  14. Teachers, tutors, youth movement leaders, after school carers
  15. Neighbors who literally breath the same air as we do
  16. Childhood friends
  17. Our first love
  18. Anyone we took care of – for allowing us to explore ways to give
  19. Anyone we have been teaching or tutoring – for allowing us an opportunity to teach, share and enhance our understanding on different matters.
  20. Past employers for giving us a chance to develop and sharpen our skills
  21. Difficult persons- for exposing our dark spots, pushing our boundaries and showing us where we still need to do the work
  22. Bus drivers, cashiers, restaurant shefs, waitresses, postmen and women, street vendors and others who serve us on a daily basis
  23. Musicians
  24. People who serve us whether they are being paid of not. If it weren’t for their dedicated efforts of getting up in the morning and working all day long in a low paid hard physical work position we would be far less off
  25. Children in general. For reminding us to return to innocence
  26. Anyone who works at the movie industry for allowing us the opportunity to escape from our world from time to time and explore our boundaries
  27. Spiritual teachers from all traditions
  28. Individuals who dedicated their lives to spiritual practice for doing it for all of us who are unable to dedicate the necessary time and energy to the pursuit of goodness
  29. Individuals who dedicated their life and being for the protection of human rights and for assisting others in danger
  30. Politicians, that despite how we feel about politics, have enough courage and passion do for  improving the lives of millions all over the world. A job most of us will not dare to do
  31. For great scientists whose wisdom and intellect improved our day to day life
  32. Artists for the beauty they bestow on us
  33. Doctors and nurses and medical staff for saving our lives and improving them
  34. The men and women who did the back broken work of building our pavements and roads, the people who coloured the cross roads
  35. Workers who built train lines
  36. Builders who built the homes we live in
  37. Engineers who dedicated their lives to inventing ships, trains, cars, airplanes etc and made our current lives possible
  38. Poor peasants who work so hard at the rice fields and coffee plantations
  39. Animals who assist peasants in their back breaking work
  40. Teachers for their hard work bringing up and educating us
  41. The men and women who developed furniture
  42. Fashion designers for their creativity and assistance in our day to day life
  43. Our bodies. If we are healthy we can be grateful for being healthy. For being independent. Able to make our own cup of tea, cook our food and go to the toilet by ourselves. If we are unhealthy, we can thank each and every healthy organ for it’s functioning . for the hard work each and every organ is carrying. If we are very sick and cannot really find organs to thank we can be grateful for the love and care we receive from our family, friends and medical staff.
  44. Trees
  45. Flowers
  46. Sky
  47. Birds
  48. Immeasurable types of fragrances – natural and hand made
  49. Moons
  50. Sun rise
  51. Sun shines
  52. Rainbows
  53. Clouds
  54. The earth – which is the source of everything we ever ate or drank, every person we ever touched, every material possession we ever owned, every vehicle we ever drove. It is the source of food for all insects, bugs and animals, the trees, the flowers etc
  55. The insects who shuffle the earth and assist the plants to grow our food
  56. Butterflies for shining the world with their beauty
  57. Bees for their crucial part in blossom of flowers and fruit trees
  58. The oceans
  59. The rivers
  60. The deserts
  61. Every car we ever drove
  62. Every vehicle that ever taken us on a journey
  63. Every person we ever hugged, or kisses or held hands with
  64.  Every person who ever smiled at us
  65. For running water
  66. For having electricity at the tips of our fingers
  67. For having walls to shelter us from the heat and cold weather
  68. For having central heating
  69. Every drink we ever drank
  70. The mountains
  71. The thousands shades of green
  72. The beaches
  73. Soft sand
  74. Every time someone smiled at us
  75. Evert time we had a sit at the tube during rush houe
  76. Inspiring books
  77. Inspiring songs
  78. Comforting sweets
  79. Puppies
  80. Kittens
  81. Babies

One Response to Partial List Of Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Val Glasgow says:

    Everytime I see a smile whether giving or receiving

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