My Teachers

Ven Vivekananda My Vi-Passana Teacher Venerable U Vivekananda 

The first encounter I had with Vipassana was through a disciple of Sayadaw U Vivekananda. It took three more years for us to meet and once we did I immediately “fell in love” with him and asked to be his long term disciple. He accepted me and I followed him to Lumbini, Nepal and had the pleasure and incomprehensible good fortune to spend long months practicing under him. Sayadaw is notorious for his profound insights and precision of discernment. His wisdom and humility are a living example of the human potential. Besides my parents, Sayadaw is the most significant individual in my life. He taught me to see through.

Sayadaw has trained under the Ven. Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa since 1988. He has been teaching Vipassana and loving kindness meditation at the Panditarama Lumbini International Meditation Center in Lumbini (Nepal) and abroad since 1998. Ven. U Vivekananda guides meditators in English, Burmese, German, and French.

Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadawji 

Being on the spiritual path I kept reading stories about spiritual seekers who have attained deep and profound realizations just by being in the presence of a realized master. That myth actually happened to me in the presence of Pa-Auk Sayadaw. I have never in my life met anyone so wise, loving, compassionate, friendly, humble and pious. Besides my grandma no one has ever loved me so fully and unconditionally as did Pa-Auk Sayadawji. I had the incredible fortune to practice under him in his home-base in Mawlanyang, Burma. He taught me to discern the most profound layers of materialities and mentalities.

 Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadawji was ordained as a novice monk at 1944 when he was ten years old. He has been practicing and teaching Jhana (the practice of full absorption) and Vipassana following the Theravada Forest Lineage at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Mawlamyang, Burma and abroad since 1981.


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