Adjusting Metta Phrases

It is possible to adjust the sentences to meet one’s personal needs and phrase sentences such as

  • May I be loving and embracing
  • May I love and accept myself as I am in this very moment
  • May I enjoy good health
  • May I be safe and protected from external and internal injuries and dangers
  • May I grow in compassion
  • May I grow in Love
  • May I be humble
  • May I be patient/ May I grow in patience
  • May I be at peace
  • May I be happy
  • May I live with awareness
  • May the doors of my heart remain open no matter what

If you can ask a metta facilitator for advise on designing particular metta phrases it is wonderful.


2 Responses to Adjusting Metta Phrases

  1. Nishant says:

    It’s okay for you to adjust the Metta sentences to meet your personal needs. In my opinion, hundreds of years old traditional and ‘conservative’ metta’ prayers are still ‘working’ 🙂

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