Join The Gratitude Challenge

This is a personal invitation to join me on a gratitude adventure. Join me on a 30 days Gratitude challenge beginning the 10th of September. Together we will dedicate 30 days to expressing gratitude 10 times a day. Participation is free and will consist of 30 days of exercises, reminders and recorded meditations sent to you each morning for 30 days beginning the 10th of September. All you need is a pair of headphones, a notebook and a burning desire to fall in love with your life. Join us on facebook

Together we will create a community of men and women committed to practice gratitude. A community of like minded people can share with and support each other, create a critical change in collective consciousness and support countless others who do not practice. Hopefully some of you will be inspired to join me on the 100 times a day journey.

There are different ways to daily practice of gratitude. And countless things to be grateful for. You can chose one method or alternate between the methods or share others methods that I didn’t mention.. The important thing is to set the intention to stop ten times every day and just be grateful and appreciative for someone or something.


2 Responses to Join The Gratitude Challenge

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Hi Adva,
    I’d like to join your gratitude challenge but I’m not on Facebook. Is that necessary? If it is I will sign up but I really have no other reason to be on Facebook.



  2. Jude Mann says:

    I’d like to join the Gratitude Challenge. Can I do it via email? (I don’t use Facebook.)
    Thanks, Jude

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