Meditation – Personal Definition

This is my personal, somewhat untraditional, definition of what meditation is. A summary of my experience during the two years of meditation retreat.

  1. Meditation is about allowing everything to be as it is. It is an act of radical acceptance. It is NOT about controlling, manipulating or concentrating our minds.
  2. Insight is a result of an authentic experience. It is not necessarily linked to the level of effort and time invested in practice. Insight is NOT a mental attempt to try and understand  a particular state of consciousness.
  3. States of “awakeness” are our natural state of mind. We enter them only when we let go of the “doing mind”
  4. Surrender is the key to the gateways of wisdom.
  5. There is NO difference between “practice” and “daily life”. The concept of “practice in daily life” suggests duality. Daily life is just a series of different manifestations of insight.


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