Metta (in Pali) translates to unconditional loving kindness. The practice of metta intends to train a practitioner in developing infinite unconditional love.

First one develops loving kindness towards oneself, then towards respected ones, loved ones, neutral beings and finally difficult beings and enemies. Metta practice reveals the practitioner to love which is beyond attachments, a love so vast practitioners feel they are part of everyone and everything and finally realize they ARE everything.

The three months I dedicated to practicing boundless unconditional loving kindness changed my life forever. When I first began to practice it was the hardest practice I’ve ever taken on. Trying to generate unconditional love towards myself, initially I only saw what I didn’t like about me. But I kept on meditating and soon enough things changed.

The metta practice turned out to be the culmination of almost two years of practice and everything just fell into place. Words like infinite, endless, boundless, limitless or immeasurable took on a whole different meaning. It was literally as if the mind melted into the heart and reality as I knew it changed forever.


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