About the Gratitude Project

The Gratitude project was born out of my own small personal experience of intensively and continuously expressing gratitude and the benefits it had on my mental and physical well being.

I admit, being grateful comes very easy to me. I’ve been blessed with a rare and wonderful life. Still, it wasn’t challenge free. Lately, I’ve been struggling with adapting back to the western life style after spending the past couple of years living in Buddhist monasteries and practicing meditation in SE Asia. Having to deal with mundane issues such as making a living, relating to other people, renting a home or fulfilling my life goals had a toll on me.

I then resorted to practicing gratitude. 100 times a day. Immediately I remembered I’m one with everything else. It took me just a few days to return to the content phase I left the retreat in and to appreciates life as it is, although it is not perfect.

The next phase was to offer this practice to others.

Facilitating meditation over the past few months I’ve noticed people truly want to meditate. They know there are deeper layers to life and they want to feel them but they find it hard to commit to a practice and develop long term relationship with a practice.

To realize life, to see through the illusions does require dedication and in most cases time. The practice of gratitude requires less time and effort and it has the potential to make us feel interconnected rather immediacy. It will also make us feel good but that’s not really the point. That’s just a by side. My hope is that having an authentic sense of interconnectedness with everything will open up something in all of us and wake up that yearning to explore deeper the true nature of everything.


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