Day 30 – Gratitude

Our 30 days gratitude challenge ends today and the heart is filled with joy, gratitude and appreciation. First of all I would like to express my appreciation to some of the circumstances that enabled this project to happen. Specifically, I’m grateful to Mr. C. Clarkson whose insulting behavior ignited my personal intensive practice of gratitude which resulted in this challenge. I’m utterly grateful to Albert Einstein for countless things and especially for his life time practice of radiating gratitude 100 times every single day. I’m grateful for my friend Ofir whose kindness and generosity provided the technical platform for this project. I’m grateful to wordpress, facebook, youtube, google and flicker for the social platforms and I’m grateful for all the gifted artists who share their beautiful gifts freely with the world. I would also like to ask for forgiveness if anything that I have said, done or written offended anyone. That, of course, was never  my intention.

I would like to thank each and every one of you personally for your participation. You made this project possible. Together we created a small shift in collective consciousness and influenced our worlds. Your gratitude and beautiful wishes created a ripple effect that affected everyone in you surrounding and continued to affect more people and beings that are related to the ones in your surrounding and the people in 3rd and 4th circles etc etc.

Thank you for helping to shape the challenge. Thank you for spreading out the word and for sharing the project with others. Thank you for supporting and advising and thank you for translating into other languages. Thank you for the comments, for the sweet encouragements, the “likes” the “shares” the blogs and the posts. And thank you so much for your commitment and intention to lead a life full of gratefulness and appreciation.

And so I’d like to thank each an everyone of you in person (I hope I didn’t omit anyone).

Richard Burnett, Paola Bassanese, Bill Metz, Ann Marie Charnley, Biddy O’Connell, Alexander Irving, Fabien Raymondaud, Rihcard, Maria Mironova, Steven O Ogutu, Amit Mander, Leila Dridi, Christian Bernert, Shanit Love Enlight, Laura Linbeck, Christina Richardson, Tony Amendola, Ori Latter, Shelly Sharom, Martin Pack, Simi Lev, Corinne, Adrian, Vaz Sriharan, Vishnu, Michell Cubin, Hagit Ganini, Joe Harltaway, lynda jeffers photography, Prasanna Wesley Nonis, Stephen Fulder, Jamie Roberts, Lavi Segal, Karen Gardner Menyhart, Stuart Caughlin, Natali Nat, Shai Rodogovsky, Pavel, Bhante Bodhidharma, Anthea, Becky Phillips, Jane Knight, Charles Obute, Jae Dee Scott, Boris Levin, Lilach Bar, Colin Clark, Gidi Lev, Jenny Lomas, Claire Murphy, Hector Ortiz, Hana Rodogovsky, Aleksey Ergin, Ksenya Obanion, Inbal Blass, Sophia Sharom, Terence James Dunn, Romy Shapira, Vanessa Lung, Ekayanna Maggo, Ruth Worgan, Justin Iles, Christine Daniel, Marie Mills, Maryseamus Kiernanohara, Janet Raftis, Patricia Golding, Daniele Dreyer, Sam Fowler, Simon Mirchel, Jude Mann, Claire Forrester, Louise Gillan, Elena Khryashcheva, Natali Gerveron, Rupert Ward, Amanda O’Grady, Natalie Cowell, Natalia Ski, Dawn Morris Duffield, Konrad Ragnarrson, Corallie Sneddon, Jenny Cain, Katja Kwast, Melisa Milazo, Annie Schoonover, Cathrin Hogan, Max Smith, John Murphy, Tam Mills, Emma Gray; Vivian Querido, Adel George, Ilse Watson, Amy Szymanski, Stephanie Ohayon, Val Glasgow, Tal Kahana, Antonella Nuscis, Molly, Sarah Markussen, Natasha Kasapova, Amanda Nichols, Richard Smiths, Hazel Lumb, Stela Walls, Layla Dowthwait, Annie Brennan, Louise Cromar, Lotus Blosso, Chakra Chick, Amy Jo Sztmansky, kelly, Eugene Lum, Amanda Bull, Claire Rosewood, Carmel Kiernan, Susan Barret, Malgorzata Hain, Gocha, Olesya Remneva, Anastasia Titkova, Sabina Singh. Don Gilbert Wanigasooriya, Adiya Zavizion, Yanina Tokodi, Elvina Mellisa, Fiona Ong, Angie Summers.

So What Did We Do Over The Past 30 Days?

  1. Committed to stopping 10 times a day for 30 days and be grateful for something or someone.
  2. Set our intention as to why we want to practice gratitude.
  3. Launched a daily gratitude journal and been writing down 10 things we are grateful for every single day
  4. Diverted our attention to find beauty in everyday neutral situations.
  5. Invoked gratitude towards loved and dear ones
  6. Experimented in practicing mindfulness of gratitude – being mindful to how gratitude feels as a physical sensation on a bodily level
  7. Recollected some of the most incredible acts of generosity we’ve been blessed with in our lives
  8. Appreciated the goodness of our parents
  9. Discussed how perceptions are being formed and how practicing mindfulness and gratitude will eventually create a shift in our identities.
  10. Looked at our inherent tendencies to dwell on the bad
  11. Understood the importance of a continued practice for a long lasting meaningful changes to occur
  12. Reflected on how radical what we’re trying to do is and how it goes against all our tendencies
  13. Explored different ways to re-fire gratitude thoughts in order to change our chemical imprints and eventually transform our identities and our lives
  14. Exerted gratitude to our bodies
  15. Appreciated our food and the countless beings who feed us
  16. Expressed gratitude to neutral beings and questioned the term neutral beings itself
  17. Introduced the idea of interconnectedness
  18. Found a gratitude signs
  19. Connected to the breath in order to return to the present moment and our immortality
  20. Reflected on the preciousness of every single day of our lives
  21. Returned to the birthplace of gratitude – the space in between
  22. Validated our own goodness while being compassionate to the human consciousness of pain
  23. Find ways to be grateful to difficult people and situations in our lives
  24. Fell in love with nature
  25. Expressed gratitude to our future realizing that future is merely a thought that happens in the present moment
  26. Contemplated and meditated on compassion and self compassion
  27. Looked at the deep meanings of forgiveness
  28. Sent out infinite boundless love (metta) to all beings in all directions.
  29. Practiced infinite gratitude – shared the joys of all beings in all ten directions while introducing Mudita
  30. Saw the divine in every single person and every situation

What’s Next?

The challenge is over but not so the practice. Please continue. Continue to daily set your intention to stop and look for the good. Look for what you are grateful for in every situation. Every person. Whether you like them or not. Whether you know them or not. Continue to look for the divine everywhere and  in everything . Rejoice in your good fortune and your blessings. And continue to dedicate the fruits of your life and practice to the benefit of other less fortunate.

I will take a short break  but I will soon continue to regularly update the gratitude blog once or twice a week. What’s more? I would have loved to find a cyber way to practice the divine abodes intensely and systematically so I will let the creative forces do their thing and come up with an idea. Also, following correspondence with a number of you  I entertain a new on-line project designated to assist introducing a regular daily meditation practice. I will keep you posted. And if you’re in London you are welcome to join us on a weekly  insight meditation class I teach at evolve wellness center in South Kensignton on Tuesdays at 18:45-20:00.

Fair Well 

I’d like to dedicate the fruits of this project to all sentient beings. May every sweet moment of gratitude and appreciation, every moment of purity and presence and every moment of wisdom will be immediately shared with all countless beings in all ten infinite directions.  May I never forget my blessings and good fortune and may I continue to live with a sense of awe.  May the doors of my heart remain open no matter what. May I be able to dedicate my whole life and my whole being to the benefit of others and may I live simply and humbly.

I honor the wholeness that is your true nature. May your journey lead you home. May you rest in grace, in natural compassion and a liberated heart. Whether is times of joys or sorrows, in ecstasy or while cleaning the kitchen, may you be happy. May you find freedom and joy. May your loving being be of benefit to all sentient beings. May you all know how perfect everything already is.

Oh Nobly born, Remember Who You Really Are

Adva Rodogovsky. 8 October 2011. London.


About advaharma

Been fascinated by the mystery of life ever since I can remember. Have been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Dedicated two years to an ongoing silent meditation retreat whilst living in Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Burma. A Yogi and a Front Line Humanitarian.
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7 Responses to Day 30 – Gratitude

  1. Vanessa Long says:

    Thank you, it has helped enormously 🙂 And who could NOT smile at the gratitude dance?! Much love to all. Vanessa

  2. Colin Clark says:

    Thank you for your work to provide us with all these inspired 30 days of gratitude, of example and heartfelt hope.

  3. Bless you Adva for your inspiration and ALL that participated.

    And to ALL that did not

    Although……… they did 🙂

  4. I would like to express my gratitude to you Adva for starting up and developing this great project but also Bhante Bodhdhamma without whom, I would never have known of your existence. May you be both, forever blessed and achieved enlightenment sooner rather than later! 🙂

  5. Dear Adva 😉 I’m VERY grateful to you for this wonderful project! SADHU! SADHU!SADHU!
    May you be well & happy!
    Much Metta!

  6. joeholtaway says:

    thank you for your words, each was perfect and touched my heart deeply adva. love joe

  7. Ruth Worgan says:

    Thank you SO much for the gratitude challenge Adva, I am truly grateful to you for it. I have noticed some subtle but important changes in myself from this practice, the most wonderful one is this: I have had the belief through my life that I’m not really special to anyone, which has caused me much pain and many difficulties in relationships. Through the challenge, as you encouraged us to be grateful to all the many people who have, in whatever way, done things to help provide us with the things we need to live, I realised how many people work to support me in my life; from my nearest and dearest to people I have never even thought about, let alone met.
    This made me feel very special.
    I then realised that this support from other people enable me to in turn support others and I gained a real insight into our connection with each other. This has been a profound experience for me. I also heard of the gratitude challenge through Bhante Bodhidhamma – how fortunate.
    A deep bow of gratitude to you Adva.
    may you always be safe, well and happy.

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