Day 13 – Gratitude to “Neutral People”

Expanding our gratitude. Challenging our boundaries.


The bus driver 

The bus driver, the cashier at Sainsbury’s, the BT call representative in Mumbai, the waitress at the tea shop,  the plumber who came over to fix the boiler. And many more. The people who provide us with basic service. People who take care of our needs. Yet, somehow, more often than not, we tend to miss out on them.  Let’s be grateful for them today. It doesn’t matter if they are being paid to do their jobs or not, they are providing us with incredible services either way. If they weren’t willing to do their jobs we would not be living so comfortably. Lets make it today’s exercise to thank at least one person who serves us, someone we normally take for granted. If you take the bus today, thank the bus driver (in your heart or out-loud) for willing to take you where you need to go and for protecting your life on the way there.

The woman from Starbucks 

And don’t stop there. There’s the sweet baby whose playfulness and innocence catches our complete attention for a while. But we forget a minute later. The young man who plays beautifully just outside the Camden market, entertain us for a millisecond but we’re simply too busy to stop and really pay attention. The young woman at Starbucks who always greets us warmly when we walk in and knows exactly how we like our coffee. We are happy to be welcomed and remembered – who doesn’t, but then, once again we’d normally forget a minute later. We might even leave without saying good-bye. It’s not out of cruelty or bad manners we simply don’t pay attention. So, let’s, just for today, dedicate more attention to the people we don’t know who bring us momentary joy and bliss. Let’s be more attentive today. More appreciative. More grateful. Let’s thank them in our hearts or maybe thank them in person. Everybody loves compliments -don’t let noone tell you otherwise.

The guy from across the street

And there’s the upstairs neighbor we’ve only seen once; the older Indian couple who go for a walk at the park every day ; the guy from across the street who takes his kids to school every morning and many many more people we see but don’t know. Can we express gratitude towards them? even if they haven’t touched our lives directly? can we simply be grateful for all the joys and blessings they bring to their families and dear ones? can we rejoice for them? can we entertain the idea that although we don’t know these people somewhere along the line they are probably benefiting us – remember the “rice chain”. Remember our interconnectedness. There aren’t any neutral people in our lives. Not really.

Lets expand our gratitude today to include more people. Lets expand our hearts and challenge our boundaries. Lets express our gratitude to at least one “neutral” person today.

May all being be happy. May all beings always be happy.




About advaharma

Been fascinated by the mystery of life ever since I can remember. Have been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Dedicated two years to an ongoing silent meditation retreat whilst living in Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Burma. A Yogi and a Front Line Humanitarian.
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2 Responses to Day 13 – Gratitude to “Neutral People”

  1. joeholtaway says:

    My friend and I were talking about this today – he took a sign on the tube (London) that said ‘you are perfect’ to show to people at rush hour 🙂 He will tell me it went later! love joe

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