The Bird Has My Wings – an Inner Dialogue

My Inner Dialogue 

  • I’m able to play my new favourite game countless times a day – search for people in happy moments and rejoice for them. Couples in a moment of warmth, friends laughing, a parent with a child, a pet with a human, clients and salesperson, flowers and insects . I look for any warm moment between beings and wish that this joy will prevail in their life from now until the end of their existences. It also makes me very happy.
  • I’m able to play my other game – look for suffering in other human and non-human beings and wish for their complete freedom from sufferings
  • I play yet another game, contemplating space and the ratio between space and “things”
  • I have time to remember and look for the divine essence in as many beings as I can and feel excited by the mystery behind their eyes
  • I remember to express gratitude to at least ten different people or things or situations – daily
  • I have time to look at people’s hands and feel the wonder of how this “thing” is moving, grabbing, touching in different ways, loving, expressing emotions. I notice how the fingers move together and separately at the same time and think that this is so strange and even ugly on one hand but oh so amazing of the other hand
  • I have time to contemplate on how amazing it is that I can walk. And stand up. And make my own meal and coffee and have eyes to see and ears to hear and that I can talk and think. As if everything I took for granted takes on a whole different understanding. How does the body know how to do all those things? And who gives the orders? And why?
  • I remember to be mindful as much as possible also to moments of gratitude and joy
  • I have time to think stupid and profound thoughts.
  • I came to the UK completely skinned almost five months ago. I worked only 13 weeks and I managed to close the over draft in my Israeli bank account and secure enough funds to live for two months in London without having to work; If that is not a miracle I don’t know what is. And no, I didn’t do anything illegal.
  • I have time to go to Buddhist gatherings and prayer ceremonies, healing events (as a healer) and clairvoyance nights.
  • I have taken one month of my life to contemplate my present core values and life goals and think about who I want to become and what actions I want to take in the world, assuming I ever resume the capacity to take actions. At least I know my core values.
  • I have the fortune of meeting complete strangers who share with me their awakening experiences and the capacity to rejoice for them
  • I had the time to dedicate a month and a half to exchanging long descriptive e-mails with a wonderful man I’ve never met
  • I have time to wander endlessly at London’s beautiful parks and at Camden market – my favorite spot of the city.
  • I have time to listen to the sweet sounds of the birds that returned to the city in this early spring
  • I have time to stop and see beautiful flowers and thousands shades of greens all over
  • I try to bless as many people when I remember to do so
  • I look for and see rainbows at least once a day
  • I have time to read inspiring books and listen to inspiring talks
  • I have time to look at how the moon develops every night
  • I pay attention to the inner life inside the body times and times again. I love this game.
  • I keep dwelling in the essence of it all
  • I have time to contemplate how everyone and everything is responsible for the food i eat
  • I recite the precious human life text by his Holiness the Dalai Lama every morning
  • I remember to ask for miracles every single day. And remember to receive them.
  • Every day I ask for an opportunity to do least one meaningful thing for another being. Many times I find this opportunity.
  • I appreciate the small doings
  • I remember that the bird has my wings

About advaharma

Been fascinated by the mystery of life ever since I can remember. Have been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Dedicated two years to an ongoing silent meditation retreat whilst living in Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Burma. A Yogi and a Front Line Humanitarian.
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