Before One Year Intensive Retreat

In Kathmandu once again, amazed with the way some of the happiest days of my life turned over the past few days into heartbreaking memories, amused with the things I do to avoid pain (as if that helps) and taking my time to leave the world gradually with a good and clean heart.

I’m writing again to say good bye for an unknown period of time.

I’ll say just that 2009 has been one of the best years of my life. It was a year of spiritual growth and realization of my life goals and destiny. A year of pure love and passionate romance, a time of re-assing and re-appreciating my amazing friends and loved one and a general realization that I’m on the right track of life. Despite things don’t always turned out the way I want them, despite being overwhelmingly lost and confused at times and despite being utterly heart broken (twice!!!), I’ve received so much love, caring, generosity and prosperity from life this past year that there can be no other explanation to the good fortune I’m experiencing.

Over the past few days I’ve came across a post I sent upon completing my first long retreat. I described how hard it was for me to “come back to life” how lost I felt and how the only thing I wanted was to return to Lumbini for a second retreat. I wasn’t sure back at the time that I would be able to return at all -money, relationships, family, job commitments etc. but six months later – here I am – a day away from my second retreat, still can’t believe how everything turned out in a way that allows a miracle to reoccur, still can’t believe my good life.

until next time

yours with metta and merit,



About advaharma

Been fascinated by the mystery of life ever since I can remember. Have been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Dedicated two years to an ongoing silent meditation retreat whilst living in Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Burma. A Yogi and a Front Line Humanitarian.
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